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Crochet Tuition - Handmade in Hunton

After teaching crochet at our Open Days, our pal Judi decided she loved it so much she'd set up some workshops and we are thrilled to support her. Judi teaches crochet in a methodical and practical manner, ensuring you understand the basics before moving on. She teaches under her business name 'Handmade in Hunton' a village in Kent where she creates many wonderful projects (yarn bombed garden forks, cars, that sort of thing).

Judi will be making an appearance at the Coffee Afternoon on 30th August (2015) and will also be at the Open Day on 4th October (2015).  She has worked (with her mum Jan) to create a crochet pattern for SANDS (the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity). As part of their memory boxes for bereaved parents, each child is gifted a blanket. Handmade with love, they are donated by those with a passion for creating and a desire to help those in need. We have received some wonderful feedback about the impact of these blankets and Judi teaches the pattern at the Open Days.

You can find more on our blog; the reason for us getting involved and the step-by-step guide written by Judi (accompanied by photos). Click here for information.

So, if you would like to learn to crochet, do get in touch with Judi. Her workshops will be held in Maidstone in September, October and November 2015. You can also visit her Facebook and Instagram pages too.